The FLB140 series has been fine-tuned to achieve the best possible balance of quality, performance, and price.


FLB140 series slender design and upgraded premium hairline finish can raise the prestige exquisite impression while still efficiently preventing illegal intruders from entering your premises. The flap barrier may readily include access control, fingerprint, bar code, or time attendance readers.


The FLB140 series is an excellent choice for railways, stadiums, factories, and commercial structures. Its sleek style will blend nicely with any current contemporary structure.


  • Power supply: AC220±15%V 50Hz/ AC110±15%V 60Hz
  • Motor voltage: DC 12V (brush motor)
  • Access control integration: Dry contact
  • Max flow rate: 20 to 30 people per minute
  • Flap opening /closing time: 0.8s
  • Reset time when power on 3s
  • Working temperature: 25˚C -50˚C


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