The FLB130 series is a cutting-edge pedestrian control system that strikes the perfect blend of quality, performance, and cost.


FLB130 series delivers a combination of reliable mechanical as well as an electronic limitation for unwanted guests while still keeping a welcome ambiance. The flap barrier can be equipped with an access control system and a time attendance reader.


FLB130 series is the best indoor solution for train station, passenger terminal, ferry, airports, checkpoints, industries, stadium, lift lobby of commercial, industrial or government facility. Your building's entry will be more premium and orderly with a flap barrier.


  • Temperature: 25° to 50°C
  • Operating voltage: DC 12V
  • Power supply input: AC220V ± 15% V50 Hz /
  • AC110V ± 15% V50 Hz
  • Flap opening/ closing time : 0.8s
  • Reset time when power on 3s
  • Optimal traffic rate: 20 to 30 people per min
  • Motor type: Brushless DC servo motor


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