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WinPro 2 is ELID’s client-server Security Management Software which supports up to 1,024 doors, offering total security monitoring and control for commercial and industrial facilities. WinPro 2 manages access control for doors, parking lots, turnstiles, and elevators. A single terminal can govern access, intrusion, and surveillance. It also includes time attendance analysis and visitor management.


Using a smartphone or tablet, you may monitor and control the system from anywhere.

Visitor Management - Integrate with the MyK AD reader to manage visitor access.

CCTV Video Integration - Playback recorded video, view live video and event-based recorded clips anytime


  • Allows multiple users to access the system at the same time.
  • Intuitive interface for systems configuration and administration
  • It allows you to keep track of your activities in real time.
  • ELID Time Attendance Software is fully integrated.
  • Reports on all transactions and audit trails
  • Area trace feature
  • Feature of alarm monitoring
  • Notifications through SMS and email are supported.
  • Feature of behavioral analysis


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