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The Fingerflex Controller


The EL3000S fingerprint controller is a three-in-one device that combines a controller, a card reader, and fingerprint verification in a tiny, attractive, and one-of-a-kind metallic pearl white housing.


As a second-generation successor to the EL3000, the EL3000S is being developed.


  • Sensor that detects capacitance
  • EM/Mifare reading module built-in
  • A 16-key keypad and a brightly lit blue LCD display
  • Mounting is simple.
  • 9,000 fingerprint templates and 40,000 offline transactions are stored in a large database.
  • High-security separate I/O relay (EZ5)
  • 10 time zones and 24 timers
  • Provide a dual-identification and interlock feature.
  • Fingerprint, ID, and ID+PIN are all options for access.
  • Fingerprint recognition that is extremely accurate
  • Timely verification
  • Supports Anti-Passback
  • Upgrades are simple using flash memory.
  • TCP/IP or RS485 as a communication interface (with LAN module)


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